Smite:Godlike Smite | over 700 skins | all VPs | god pack | and more

Precio: 393.60 USD

  • Servidor:PC-Main
  • Nivel de Cuenta: 158
  • Nivel de Maestría: 95
  • Favors: 97046
  • Gemas: 123
  • Clasificación Actual: Plata III
  • Puntos de Clasificación Actual: 56
  • Cantidad de Dioses: 97
  • Cantidad de Skins: 704
  • Cantidad de Skins Guarda: 55
  • Cantidad de Avatares: 167
  • Skins de Edición Limitada: 50
  • Dioses de Mastría: 95
  • Paquetes de Voz: 96
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Información: Hello guys!

So this is happening - I want to sell my Smite account. Honestly, I've never NEVER thought that day will come. Literally. But life is life, things change and I don't even have time to play, not saying about other stuff. 

I know it might sound weird but this account has kind of history, lol. I've been through a lot of bad things and everytime when I wanted to stress out I was playing. So ya.. it took me a while to decide I need to sell it away. But I think it's the best decison I could make and hopefully there is a good soul who will be happy with having this account. So what can I offer?

Smite account, almost 160 lvl (so max). There are over 700 skins, a lot of cosmetic stuff, all voice packs, tons of emotes... and god pack, obviously. 

I'm going to put a list of LIMITED skins that account DOES NOT contain because it's easier then writing what skins do I have.

LIMITED (gone forever - can't be obtained anymore)

Winter Olympian - Athena 
C4codemon Ymir
Cacodemon Ymir
Poolseidon Poseidon
Footbal Star 2014 Xbalanque
Weltmeister 2014 Xbalanque
Infernal Agni
Archon Thanatos
Rage Bakasura
Cacodemon X Ymir
Star Slayer Anhur
Ebonsoul Serqet
Berserker Ullr
Last Laugh Loki
JT-6000 Janus
Iron Tyrant Xing Tian
Dr. Madlove Cupid 
Bearly Buzzed Bacchus
Frostfire Ullr
Ragnarok Hades
Jackal Tech Anubis

LIMITED (still can be obtained)

Celestial Guard Odin
DJ Ohm Ganesha
Star Trooper
Queen Cobra
Royal Champion
Abyssal Acolyte
Divine Dragon

Alright. I'm not listing exclusive skins because all of them are available to get again and again so no point because you can have them yourself. If you have question about some specific skins feel free to ask me on Skype (Skype name will be written at the end of post).

What else... there are over 50 ward skins and over 160 icons. As I said before a lot of cosmetic stuff such as loading screens and frames, jump stamps, recalls, music themes, announcer packs, death marks, pedestals, AVATARS (have all cutesy ones and one chest left so when new cutesy comes you can get it immediately!) etc. I have MOST OF THEM (that means it might be one or two missing of each kind). So if you have questions - don't be shy, talk to me!

To make it easier I'm gonna say last year I had all items in Oddyssey Chest. Now it's 551 of 590 so 39 items missing.